FVJ033F7XL - Thermal Transfer Ribbon - 1.30 in X 2297 ft - NETFLEX+ XL - Black - IIMAK

FVJ033F7XL - Thermal Transfer Ribbon - 1.30 in X 2297 ft - NETFLEX+ XL - Black - IIMAK

Part Number : FVJ033F7XL

Thermal Transfer Ribbon, NETFLEX+ XL, Black, 1.30 inches X 2297 feet,33mm X 700m, Coated Side Out (CSO), 24 ribbons per carton, Armor IIMAK

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Ribbon Width 1.3 inches | 33mm
Ribbon Length 2297 feet | 700m
Ribbons Per Case 24 Ribbons
Order Fullfillment Ships In 3 Business Days
Color Black
Ribbon Formulation NETFLEX+ XL
Ribbon Type Resin
Printer Compatibility VIDEOJET Dataflex
Ink Side (Coated Side) Out (CSO)
Minimum Quantity 1


Ribbon Description:

NETFlex+ XL is designed for thermal transfer overprint (TTO) flexible packaging applications. The longer length provides less ribbon changeovers, more throughput of printed product, and 20% more ribbon with longer lengths -1100m &1200m. With excellent print quality at all speeds up to 40 ips, these ribbons are highly compatible at various darkness/energy settings and produce dark, black imprints. A anti-static formula and unique backcoat protects the printhead.

Recommended Applications:

Flexible packaging | Coffee | Confectionary & bakery food | Dairy | Frozen meats/meals | Frozen vegetables | Medical Devices | Nuts | Pet Food and Treats | Pharmaceutical | Pill packs | Prepared foods | Produce | Snacks | Spice packets | Tray lids

Recommended Substrates:

PP / Polypropylene | PE / Polyetheylene | PET / Polyester