YES, we are proud that our customers keep coming back. We know why. They expect the same thing you do. You want Labelmatch to be fast, reliable and helpful. We get it. Every day, hundreds of Labelmatch customers expect us to answer the phone in two rings. So, we do. They want us to ship stock label products today. Yeah, we do that too. Our clients also want fast custom labels (as soon as tomorrow). Got it. Across the U.S., Labelmatch customers expect us to do exactly what we promise every single day. We promise to offer our years of experience while still being friendly. We promise quality label products quickly and reliably. We love living up to these promises. Labelmatch customers love it when we do.

Labelmatch has really come through for us on some very challenging applications.”

– Mike, Solon Ohio

Thank you for the quick responses on my quote requests and how knowledgeable your staff is. It is a pleasure doing business with your company.

– Teresa, Lexington Kentucky

Labelmatch grows every year because we listen to our brilliant customers.

Most awesome new product offerings start like this: “Hey, Labelmatch guy, can you make a . . .” YES, we can! We were in the founder’s attic with one product in 1998. Today we offer over 5000+ stock and custom label products. 50% of our label products are customized to fit our customers exact needs. We grow because we adopt new technology and products to make you better. We grow because we are still old fashioned, believing a phone call is still a spectacular way to get things done. We grow because we listen.



Senior Business Consultant

Since August 2014
  • Antique Aficionado
  • Baking Buff
  • Literary Lover


Senior Business Consultant, Director of Customer Service

Since Jaunary 2008
  • Bleed Seattle Seahawks blue
  • Self Proclaimed Cornhole King!
  • Morning Gym Rat


Office Operations Wizard

Since January 1999
  • Addicted To Art Museums
  • Lover Of Animals
  • First Labelmatch Employee

Labelmatch has always provided the quality and service we expect. We really rely on their expertise.

– Trey T – Winston Products,

On average, your Labelmatcher has 14+ years of Labelmatch magic. Whoa. Sweet.

98% of the time we make it look easy. You order on time, we produce your perfect label product and your UPS guy shows up a day early with your labels and a cupcake. What about the other 2 percent? Scary that running out of a two cent label can shut you down, isn’t it? We have been to DEFCON 1 before. YES, we can handle it. Our relationships with our suppliers and the experience of our people allow us to do great things every day. We feel your plight and we have plenty of rabbits left in our hat. Yes, our hat is made out of labels.


You may also contact us by phone during our hours of operation: Monday-Friday
8:30AM – 5:00PM EST Phone: (212) 655-0559 Fax: 1.800.726.8506