Prop 65 - What You Need To Know

Labelmatch Has the Labels You Need to Keep Compliant.

Labelmatch offers Prop 65 compliant custom labels for products sold to California. As of August 2018, you need to be compliant. Let’s learn more about this important new regulation, how you may be affected, and how Labelmatch can help.

What is Proposition 65?

Prop 65 is also known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. This regulation arose from growing concerns for exposures to chemicals that cause cancer or reproductive toxicity.

Today, the list of chemicals that require warnings continues to grow to more than 850. Prop 65, however, does not ban the sale of products containing these chemicals.

Why does California believe these warnings are necessary? 
Visible warnings allow consumers to make educated decisions about the products they purchase.

So, what does that mean for your business?

The New Update on Prop 65
Warning Labels​

Under the latest update to Prop 65, as of August 30, 2018, new requirements are in place for labeling.

For product manufacturers, packagers, producers, importers, suppliers or distributors, Prop 65 likely impacts you.

These businesses will likely need new Prop 65 compliant labels.

What Every Label Needs

The new requirement is to list at least one chemical for which the warning is being provided.

The new regulations, however, do allow one very useful exception from listing specific chemicals on product-warning labels—a truncated label can be used when the label is placed directly on the product or product packaging.

The Internet address for OEHHA’s new Proposition 65 warnings website,, includes additional information on the health effects of listed chemicals and ways to reduce or eliminate exposure to them.

Some items are required to be on the label such as a yellow triangle with a black exclamation, the word “WARNING”, as well as the web address to OEHHA.

Regarding warnings in other languages, the State of California suggests the following, “When a consumer product sign, label or shelf tag used to provide a warning includes consumer information in a language other than English, the warning must also be provided in that language in addition to English.  Facilities that provide signage in non-English languages would also have to provide any required warnings in those languages, in addition to English.”

How Labelmatch Can Help You with this Change

Stay compliant with custom Prop 65 labels.  We can make the exact Prop 65 labels that you need.

The most common sizes are 3″x1″, 2″x1″, or 4″x6″.

You may need something different?

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