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Digital labels have taken monumental steps forward! Digital labels bring you near-photo quality printing, and they also come packed with awesome features:

  • NO plate charges
  • NO die charges
  • FREE PDF proofs

YES, we can produce digital labels with multiple variations (lots) without increased cost, and you get variable printing without the premiums. So, in short, Labelmatch digital labels are:

  • Fast
  • Cost Effective
  • Convenient

YES, Labelmatch can produce your digital labels:

  • Fast!
  • With Great Pricing

Make all the label design changes you like.  You will never see a plate charge again (or a die charge, or a proof charge)!

About Labelmatch Digital

Labelmatch Labels On Jetrion 4900

Less Costly Short Run Labels

YES, you can get less costly 4-color process short run labels with exceptional quality and faster turn-times.  Digital process-color brings you near photographic quality with spectacular color reproduction.

The days of buying printing plates and tooling dies for short run labels are behind us.  No plate charges, no die charges.  Yes, it is awesome!

Digital Short Run Labels

  • No plates.  No dies.  Ever.
  • Cut any shape you can imagine.
  • Near photographic quality
  • Large selection of materials
  • Opaque white available
  • FAST turnaround time
  • Free proofs

Safe for non-direct food contact

EFI Jetrion 4900 ML

Until now, the production of labels - flexo or digital - meant the need for multiple production steps. Digital printing systems eliminated plates, make ready labor and substrate waste. But they still required converters to finish offline, adding steps to the process and creating waste. The EFI™ Jetrion® 4900ML UV Inkjet System changes the game. Go from a print file directly to a finished roll without interruption. Now that is efficient!

Efficient end-to-end digital label solution

  • The leanest way to produce labels: digital printing and digital finishing in a single pass.
  • Allows you to migrate inefficient, expensive jobs from your flexography presses to your more cost-effective digital press and to expand into short and medium run services.
  • Delivers the lowest cost per finished label: Eliminates plates, dies, changeovers, make-ready labor.
  • Additional cost savings through access to the world's largest UV inkjet ink manufactuerer, no costly click charges and no need for over and under laminates.
  • Increases your profits and customer satisfaction by printing your white jobs with brightness and opacity that rivals your flexo presses.
  • Lets you capitalize on easier access to UL PGJI2 recognition and pre-certification on select substrates.

Jetrion 4900 ML Brochure - PDF

Jetrion 4900 Video

Printable Materials


White Polyester-Perm Adhesive

White Polyester-Removable Adhesive

White Polyester-Lay Flat Liner

Clear Polyester-Perm Adhesive

Clear Polyester-Repositionable Adhesive

Chrome Silver Polyester-Perm Adhesive

Matte Silver Poly-Perm Adhesive

Brushed Silver Poly-Perm Adhesive

Gloss White BOPP-Perm Adhesive

Gloss White BOPP-Freezer Adhesive

Gloss White BOPP-Lay Flat Liner

Matte Polypropylene-Perm Adhesive

Matte Synthetic-Repositionable Adhesive

Retro Reflective


Bright White Paper-Perm Adhesive

Bright White Paper-Removable Adhesive

Bright White Paper-Freezer Adhesive

Bright White Paper-Opaque Adhesive

Gloss White Paper-Perm Adhesive

Matte Paper White Litho-Perm Adhesive

Gold Foil Paper-Perm Adhesive

Silver Foil Paper-Perm Adhesive

Papers Fluorescent

Fluorescent Green

Fluorescent Red

Fluorescent Yellow

Fluorescent Orange

Fluorescent Pink




7 Mil White Thermal Transfer Paper Tag

12 Mil White C15 Thermal Transfer Tag

6 Mil Synthetic All Weather Tag

UL Approved

UL White Matte Poly-Perm Adhesive

UL Silver Gloss Poly-Perm Adhesive

UL Clear Gloss Poly-Perm Adhesive

UL Silver Matte Poly-Perm Adhesive

UL Clear Matte Poly-Perm Adhesive

Tamper Evident

Matte White Tamper Void Poly

Chrome Silver Tamper Void Poly

Destructible White Polyethylene

Matte Silver Tamper Void Poly

Protective Coatings


UV Varnish Gloss

UV Varnish Matte

Clear Matte Film Overlaminate

Clear Gloss Film TTR* Overlaminate

Clear Gloss Film Overlaminate

3.75 mil Durable Polyolefin Overlaminate

*Thermal Transfer Printable Overlaminate


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  • YES, you we will be happy to review your art.

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Metallic Digital Labels

Metallic Digital Label effects add sparkle and elegance to a labels's appearance.

Metallic Digital Label effects add sparkle and elegance to a labels's appearance.

Metallic digital label effects add sparkle and elegance to a label's appearance. Achieve the metallic look by printing process color plus white ink on foil materials. Our opaque white ink blocks the metallic surface where the metallic look isn't desired. Printing 4-color process onto a silver foil material creates a bright and reflective metallic ink appearance. This is a great cost effective alternative to cold and hot stamping process.

Labelmatch offers a variety of metallic digital materials:

  • Prism
  • Brushed Metal
  • Matte Silver
  • High Gloss Metallic
  • Create Any Color In Metallic Effect

Sadly, your computer screen can not see just how awesome these metallic digital labels look.  Call a Labelmatch Business Consultant today to receive free samples.

1.800.726.7334 - 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST