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Custom Hang Tags For Almost Every Industry

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Custom Printed Hang Tags

For Practically Every Industry


From basic 1 color, to screens, bleeds, solids, all the way up to 4 color process, we print to meet your specific needs.


You supply the artwork or utilize one of our graphic service solutions.


Unlimited sizes and die-cut shapes in addition to traditional tag sizes #1 through #12


Many choices including, environmentally friendly stocks and synthetics.  Our manufacturing is designed to handle an endless array of materials.


Fiber patches and Metal Eyletes that add strength, durability and style.


Automated stringing or wiring with a number of styles and types to choose from to suit your attachment needs.


Carbon or Carbonless unit sets with numbering and perforations.

For a free custom printed tag consultation, contact a Labelmatch Business Consultant.

Samples are always free.  Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. EST

Image Gallery

Hang Tag Assortment

Hang Tag Assortment

Custom Tag Stringing

Custom Tag Stringing

Stringing Attachments

Reinforced Fiber Patch

Reinforced Fiber Patch

Reinforced Fiber Holes

Tag With Metal Eyelets

Tag With Metal Eyelets

Reinforced Metal Eyelets


Tag Cornering Options

Our standard tags come equipped with two clipped corners, but we offer other cornering options for a more customized tag. Two or four rounded corners and two or four clipped corners are available and we also have the ability to die cut our tags, creating virtually any shape you desire—from die cut door hangers and circular tags, to squared and creatively custom shapes.


Tag With Clipped Corners


Tag With Rounded Corners


Die Cut To Your Need


Custom Sizes and Die Cuts - YOU CHOOSE!

Holes & Reinforcements

Holes and Reinforcements

Industrial hang tags are typically reinforced with either fiber patches or metal eyelets to help ensure that they will not be separated from the item for which they are affixed. Because of this, the industry has adopted standard hole sizes of 3/16” and 3/8” to accommodate standard fiber patches in the colors brown and white, and to accommodate the metal eyelets.

For smaller retail hang tags that don’t require reinforcements, we typically just size the hole to accommodate the particular string being used while ensuring maximum productivity in our stringing operation.


3/16" Fiber Patch


3/16" Eyelet


3/16" Reinforced Eyelet


3/8" Fiber Patch


3/8" Eyelet


3/8" Reinforced Eyelet


Attachments - Wire and String Tags

Our automatic stringing and wiring equipment is designed to accommodate many different types of string and wire as well as a variety of tag stocks, shapes and sizes. We are set up to handle literally millions of your tags, either printed by us, or furnished by you.

Standard Stringing Methods

knotted string
Knotted String - Pre-tied string tags ideal for applications where the tag will be hung onto its application.
looped string
Looped String - We supply a string that is fastened to the tag with two open ends that can be tied onto the application.
twisted wire
Twisted Wire - Tags are supplied with wires inserted through holes and twisted with two open ends so that the tag can be easily affixed to application.

Standard String Materials

standard stringing materials

Strings are available in virtually any color and can be attached in many working lengths. Our stock string materials include:

  • Elastics
  • Mercerized Cotton
  • Poly/Cotton Blend - White
  • Polished Cotton Twine
  • Pearlray
  • Natural Strings (like jute)

Standard Wire Materials

standard wire materials

Our most common wire tags feature 12” long 26 gauge galvanized steel wires that are folded and twisted to provide two 6” sections for fastening. 16” long wires and copper wire are also available. Stock wires include:

  • 12" X 26 Gauge Steel Wires
  • 12" X 23 Gauge Steel Wires
  • 12" X 21 Gauge Steel Wires

Standard Hang Tag Sizes

Labelmatch Can Custom Produce To Most Any Size And Shape. For Quick Reference, Below Is Industry Standard Sizes

Choose any size below to download a PDF template.

Get Creative!

Get Creative!

Too many options?  Maybe checking out some finished custom tags will get your creative solutions flowing?

Tyvek Tag

Tyvek Tag:

  • Ultra Durable Tyvek
  • Multiple Colors
  • Horizontal Perforations Between Bottom Tear-Offs

White Tag Stock Numbered

Hilton Resort Tag:

  • .013 White Tag Stock
  • Peforated
  • Numbered In Two Positions
  • Strung With White Elastic

2 Part Carbon Tag

2 Part Carbon Interleave:

  • Carbon Insert Between Plys
  • Can Produce Up To 4 Part Carbon Tags

2 Part Carbonless Tag
2 Part Carbonless:

  • Carbonless
  • Adhesive Strip On Back (Not Shown)

Production Tag Synthetic

  • .010 Synthetic Tag
  • Red Shown - 5 Additional Colors Available
  • 3/8 Inch Metal Eyelette

Repair Tag Looped Strun
Repair Tag

  • .013 Light Blue Tag Stock
  • Brown Patch Reinforced Hole
  • Perforated and Numbered In Two Positions
  • Open Ended String To Tie To Item

Repair Tag Wired Manilla Stock
Repair Tag

  • .013 Manila Tag Stock
  • Fiber Reinforced Hole
  • Wired

Caution Tag
Caution Tag

  • .013 Yellow Tag Stock
  • 3/8 Inch Reinforced Hole
  • Looped Strung (Open Ended),/li>

Warning Tag
Warning Tag

  • .013 Fluorescent Red Tag Stock
  • 5 Fluorescent Colors Available
  • Brown Patch Reinforced Hole