3 Common Mistakes When Buying Labels

3 Common Mistakes When Buying Labels


We talk to hundreds of potential and existing customers every week!  Each year the voice gets louder. “I have less time and my budget is strained.  There has to be an easier way without huge hassle.”  You are right.  There has to be.

Lets get right to it.  There are a ton of players in the label arena.  Their capabilities, sales processes and quality all differ.  Chances are you hear from them weekly or even daily.

We make the assumption here that you are lukewarm to unhappy with your current label manufacturer.  If you love your existing relationship, stop reading and move on.  Your time is already a limited resource.

1.  The Quality Must Be Guaranteed

Is the potential label provider willing to stand behind their product quality?  What guarantees are they willing to offer?

Labelmatch believes in standing behind its products 100%.  We also believe in insurance policies.  Before we will ask that you commit to doing business with us, we do ask that you test the materials we propose.  Then, we lock it down.  Changing to a “similar” material later, to save a nickel, is a license for failure and short-term partnerships.

2.  Demand Dedicated Service

You and your business are unique.  You should not have to tell your story every time you call.  We believe assigning a dedicated Labelmatch Business Consultant to your account is best for you and for Labelmatch.  The more your Business Consultant knows about you, your business and your requirements, the better we can serve each other.  Remember, Mom said, “don’t talk to strangers.”

3.  Lock Down Prices

So what is the price?  WHAT’S THE PRICE!  Hey, we are “The YES Company” priding ourselves on our service.  But, we know we have to be competitive.  Take that one step further.  How long is the price good for?  Is the price good for a month?  Six months?  5 years (not gonna happen)?  Simply, make sure you are not evaluating introductory pricing.

free cup of coffee

Can We Buy You A Cup Of Coffee?

We know your time is valuable so we are willing to pay for it (OK, just a little).

Call a Labelmatch Business Consultant today.  We will send you a $5.00 Starbucks gift card.

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