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GHS Labeling Compliance and Requirements


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GHS Compliant Labeling Requirements

Are You GHS Compliant?

Do you have a need to ship chemicals or hazardous materials overseas? These shipments are subject to a variety of mandatory safety regulations. Therefore, our labels are BS5609 certified for Section 2 and 3 compliances (Marine Immersion Label Testing Standard). This certification allows Labelmatch to create Global Harmonized System (GHS) compliant labels. With chemicals being shipped all over the world, the GHS standard makes it safer for these hazardous materials to be transported by communicating the container’s contents.

Labelmatch Can Help

Labelmatch’ GHS Resource Team will help you to ensure your labels meet or exceed OSHA GHS Label compliance requirements.  There are multiple options that will meet all requirements.  We will help you choose the easiest GHS solution to implement and maintain at the least cost solution

Our GHS Experience And Expertise Guarantees The Right Product For You!

  • GHS BS5609 certified with Section 2 & 3
  • Variable Printing
  • Cost Effective

  • GHS BS5609 certified with Section 2 & 3 inks and media
  • Optional fan folding and pinfeeds
  • Affordable pricing for longer runs
  • Several materials available
  • Label widths up to 18″

Big job, small job, Labelmatch is ready.

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Requirements for GHS Compliant Labels


The YES Company Can Help

Why Go It Alone?

  • Rely on Labelmatch for the best configuration of labels, software, printers and supplies.
  • Labelmatch will FIRST work with you to fit a solution to your existing equipment and process.
  • Our vast experience speeds the process and eliminates potential mistakes

Easy, 3-Step Process:

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Initial Consultation

In the end, the label must meet Global Harmonized System (GHS) standards.  Our initial consultation with a Labelmatch Business Consultant will aid in setting the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective plan.


GHS Solution

Stock Solution:  Many are this simple.  If possible, we will offer a solution that allows you to procure from our array of stock/standard GHS label products.

Custom Solution:  Our design department will proof all aspects of your GHS label solution at no cost.



Post Sale

Your Labelmatch Business Consultant is with you every step of the way.  That includes after the sale is made.

Labelmatch is The YES Company!  So, YES, we will follow up to ensure your expectations have been exceeded.

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