GHS Compliance Deadline Approaches!

The June 1st OHSA mandated GHS compliance deadline is June 1st, 2015.  Are you ready?!

Hazard Communication PictogramThermal transfer printing continues to offer a stable and rugged solution with low ownership cost.  Our friends at IIMAK published a GHS Compliance quick start guide including the 6 GHS Compliance components.

  1. PICTOGRAMS – Convey the hazards of a product.  Use all that apply.
  2. PRODUCT IDENTIFIER – Commercial and chemical name
  3. SIGNAL WORD – Alert to the severity of the hazard (e.g. DANGER)
  4. HAZARD & PRECAUTIONARY STATEMENT – Describes the hazard and prevention of adverse effects
  5. FIRST AID STATEMENT – Emergency care information
  6. SUPPLIER INFORMATION – Name, address, phone number of manufacturer, distributor, importer or other party

Late to the GHS Compliance game?  Labelmatch can held you meet the GHS Compliance guidelines.

GHS – OSHA Mandates – a quick start guide from IIMAK