Digital Labels - Three Promises

Does it seem like just yesterday we were talking about the infancy of digital labels?  Sure, it was longer than that.

Digital labels came with promise and promises.  How ’bout it?  Most of them have been met.

Promise 1:  Digital labels will be less costly.
Part of that promise has come true.  As the market emerges, more materials and inks have become available some of which are lower cost.  Also, digital labels are no longer just short-run.  Economies continue to improve with innovation.

Promise 2:  Print quality of digital labels will improve.
Oh boy, this one has become reality.  Sure, there will be differences when compared to traditional label printing but they have become finite.  The quality is excellent when paired with the proper application.

Promise 3:  More materials will be available.
Bring on the creativity, bring on the marketing.  JUST BRING IT ON!  These are just a few of the options available for digital labels, today.

  • Clear Polyester
  • Matte Silver Polyester
  • Brushed Silver Polyester
  • Gloss White BOPP
  • Matte White Polypropylene
  • Fluorescent Papers
  • Gold and Silver Foils
  • Linens and Estates
  • Synthetic Tag Stock
  • Paper Tag Stock
  • UL Approved Options


If you looked at digital labels a few years ago and walked away, maybe its time you looked again.  Digital labels are growing up.

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