Digital Labels go BOOM!

By now, must of us realize the boom in digital labels spawns from its ability to fill the short run label void without the cost of plates and tooling. Faster turnaround time is certainly an added bonus.

But is there more to the story? There is.

Digital Labelmatch LabelsDigital label printing has shown great benefit in product development, product segmentation and race to market. As marketers speed towards one-size-fits-one, digital label printing now allows companies to offer multiple SKUs where in the past it was time or cost prohibitive.

In olden times (a few years ago), multiple plates were required and short runs were cost prohibitive. The lead times haunted many and subtle changes required investment in new plates.

Today, printing digital labels and offering 12 new cookie flavors, with 12 different product and ingredient labels is simple. Each cookie flavor can have unique and impactful packaging and multiple ingredient label requirements can be accurately maintained.

The beauty of digital labels is that it opens up the creativity valve while reducing cost, risk and time.

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