Here Comes Winter. Are Your Labels Ready?

So, here comes the cold (again).  Even if you are ready for some winter cold activity, can you guarantee that your label is ready too?

Application Temperature

Most label applications use a general purpose adhesive.  And generally, it works as you intended.  Apply your label at 32°F or higher with 2-3 hours at or above the 32°F and you have happy adhesive.  It will set as intended (application temperature).

Service Temperature

Your service temperature for your adhesive also needs to be considered.  Assume, your application temperature was proper and you allowed for your set time (dwell).  You now transition into the service temperature stage.

Winter Time

A general purpose adhesive will allow for a service range of around -4°F to 150 to 200°F.  If you can meet these ranges, your service temperature will allow the adhesive to perform.

Is Your Application Outside “The Range.”

Our clients in the northeast commonly have to consider “the range.”  There are times when warehouse environments (application temperature) are below freezing.  Certainly, our customers in food service commonly are concerned with the service temperature when products are frozen.

There are a multitude of adhesives and face stocks available to meet your temperature requirements.  The great news is that most times they do not come at a cost premium.  You should be prepared to answer a few questions though.

  • What surface do you plan to apply the label to?
  • What environment is the label being applied in?
  • Once applied, what type of exposure will your label experience?

As always, we are huge fans of testing materials.  What we know about your application and the material is always helpful.  Yet, nothing satisfies quite like a test.

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