Thermal Cleaning Pen

Maintain Your Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal Printer

“The beauty of thermal transfer and direct thermal printing is its simplicity and low cost.  But, you have to maintain your investment if you want dark black print and high scan rates.  Do your maintenance regularly for consistent results.” read more

Thermal Transfer – Topcoated vs. Non-Topcoated

While reviewing a product summary guide from one of our major suppliers, I learned a shocking statistic. read more

Thermal Transfer Ribbons for Zebra Printers

Micro Labels – Big Solutions

Smaller Electronics Bring Bigger Challenges We all see it, don’t we?  Electronics and medical devices continue to shrink while identification and traceability requirements continue to grow.  read more

Thermal Printhead Care

Your printhead deserves better!  So how do you care for and extend the life of your printhead? read more

Fanfold Tag Sample

3 Reasons To Switch From Rolls To Fanfolds

For most of us, the quest continues to “do more with less.”  Unfortunately, we have all been beating that same drum for a while and it is getting more difficult to find those opportunities without huge studies to prove their worth. read more

Here Comes Winter. Are Your Labels Ready?

So, here comes the cold (again).  Even if you are ready for some winter cold activity, can you guarantee that your label is ready too? read more

5 Tips for Barcode Development in Healthcare

Barcode Use in Healthcare Document Management Systems is Growing: Here are Some Things to Consider When Developing Barcode Technology for Medical Records Software read more

Happy 40th Birthday Bar Code

Happy 40th Birthday Bar Code!

George Laurer had no idea his design would reach well beyond retail outlets when he created the black line and number sets known as the modern bar code while working for IBM as an engineer. read more

CL4NX Sato Thermal Printer

Sato Launches CL4NX Thermal Printer

The CL4NX printer from SATO, listed at $1695.00 (entry level) is touted as Sato’s most important product launch to date. read more

There’s A New Barcode In Town!

Just when you thought QR codes were going out of style, or there couldn’t possibly be another type of QR code, along came UBleam with their bleam. read more