The Labelmatch Difference

5 Reasons Top-Rated Companies Say YES to Labelmatch

US8484Nationwide Manufacturing and Distribution

With strategic locations across the U.S., we manufacture and distribute label products right in your back yard. Since all of our stock products are shipped the same day until 3 p.m. EST, this saves you time and money.


EYES8484Expert Level Consulting and Service

YES, your Labelmatcher has an average of 11+ years of experience. That’s over 4,000 days! Have we seen it all and done it all? No, but we are getting close. We wrap that awesome experience with the unprecedented service you deserve and the consulting that only Labelmatch can offer. If you have a business challenge, we want to solve it.


UMB8484From 100 to 100,000,000 Labels, Labelmatch Has You Covered

Manufacturing muscle goes a long way! Need a short-run of 100 labels and FAST? We do that. Need 5 million of another label? Yep, that’s us too. You see, we understand you want one expert that can meet all of your custom label requirements. That means we have to be competitive on small jobs, large jobs and everything in between.


MUSCLE8484The Product Line Just Get BIGGER!

In 1998 we had one product. Today we carry dozens of label product lines and over 5000+ products. It took us a long time to get there. We could have done it faster. We refused. Why? We don’t add label products we can not support. If we can’t sell the features and values justly and support the sale spectacularly, we won’t sell it.


AWARD8484Do It Right -or- Make It Right

We want you to be ecstatic and we want your trust forever. But, perfection eludes us. That’s why we offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee. It’s easy to offer when you don’t have to use it often. YES, we do quality, expertise and service the right way. On the rare occasion that we do not, we will make it right – guaranteed!